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  • Individual and company shortlist announced...

    Commercial Interior Design Awards 2015, set for September 16 at the JW Marriott Marquis, is just around the corner and the results are finally in from the judges. Below are the shortlisted nominees fo… More
  • Meet the Awards sponsors: Zip Water

    In 1970, Zip Industries, a privately owned Australian business, installed the world’s first boiling water faucet that provided instant boiling water from an under-sink pressurised cylinder. Headquar… More
  • New products on the market: August

    GREENWALL 2.0 After months of designing, experimenting and testing, Acoustic Factory created the Greenwall 2.0, the first natural green wall with actual acoustic absorption. The Greenwall is ma… More
  • Lighting suppliers you should know

    The future development of society in both developed countries and emerging economies are closely tied up with the ability to effectively light cities, homes, schools and recreation areas. The latest r… More
  • Case study: Red elm adds warmth to Melun’s...

    American red elm gives a warm touch to a new music and dance school located in Melun, a south-eastern suburb of Paris. Located at a major crossroads within the city, Melun’s Music and dance schoo… More
  • Bansky creates sinister 'Dismaland Bemuse...

    Crowds have flocked to UK graffiti artist Bansky's new Dismaland art installation to see his sinister take on theme parks. The anonymous street artist has turned a huge derelict outdoor swimming po… More
  • Spa wars ‑ the next generation

    Industry experts share their views about the future of spa developments, current trends in the region and worldwide and the importance of using sustainable and eco-friendly products. The global wel… More