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Simon Berry on lighting design evolution

Simon Berry, director of Illuminate, shares with designMENA his thoughts on lighting design evolution. If I were to ask you “What do you need light for?” how would you respond? You may answer, it helps me to see, it helps me to find … More

Louise Duggan on art and design

Louise Duggan, FF&E Designer and Founder of the Dubai-based Ophelia Art Consultancy, shares her thoughts on the importance of incorporating art within hospitality interiors. Artwork is the finishing touch to design, often bringing the whole concept together, but it is often the last … More

Cristiano Luchetti on using OMA’s Concrete building in Dubai as an architectural metaphor

In 1977 Peter Blake wrote “Forms follows fiasco: Why modern architecture does not work”. His skepticism towards the dominant architectural thinking of the twentieth century was expressed through a series of chapters in which he cynically commented on the dominant themes of “modern” … More

Jonathan Ashmore on designing with context in mind

Jonathan Ashmore, founder and director of Anarchitect, writes about the challenges when designing outdoor spaces.  It is imperative to look back at the heritage of the region to understand the traditional use of outdoor spaces and their cultural and social importance. The traditional … More

How will flying drone taxis impact Dubai’s design and architecture?

Muhammad Obaid, founder of Dubai-based architecture and engineering consultancy EMKAAN reveals how driverless cars would reshape mega-cities in the future. Obaid explains that the sleek and compact futuristic vehicle opens up incredible potential in the construction and design field, affecting design considerations. Designers would … More

Hotel design trends by Veena Kanchan

Veena Kanchan , design director at VS Design Studio, shares her thoughts on what she expects will be the biggest 2017 hotel design trends. Technology driven trends The new millennial travellers –  85% own smartphones. Therefore smart controls most likely to capture their … More

The top lighting trends in 2017

By Regina Santos, associate – lighting designer at Godwin Austen Johnson. The year ahead for lighting design is one of contrasts. We are starting to see a lot of projects focusing on minimalism while others have a more industrial character. Both residential and … More

Cristiano Luchetti in conversation with Iranian architect Kourosh Hajizadeh

Cristiano Luchetti, assistant professor at the American University of Sharjah, and judge at the Middle East Architect Awards talks to 2013 Architect of the Year Kourosh Hajizadeh about winning the accolade, his career and design philosophy. Last year was my third time as … More

Melani Sabhaney on demystifying design

Melani Sabhaney, design principal and partner at Interspace Interior Design, feels a need for design democracy. “Good design is obvious; great design is transparent.” Designer Joe Sparano once said it and, indeed, I share his view. But, what is becoming more apparent to … More

Trend Report 2017: The new office

As a part of Trend report 2017 series, last, but not least we look at workplace design. Pratyush Sarup, design manager at Dubai-based Spencer interiors explores planning, materials and colours, stating that the office of today needs personality. The way business is conducted has … More

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