Perkins+Will uses traditional architecture for Saudi’s Diplomatic Quarter

Could a lone falcon rescue a 5-star Saudi hotel project from potential ruin? It could and it doesn’t have to be real. … More

Middle East Architect Power List Global

This year the Middle East Architect power list is in two parts – the top 10 international figures who have a huge … More

RMJM and P&T go head to head about hospitality trends

What new features and trends have you seen in the designs of hotels? Blanca Pedrosa – RMJM Architects says: They are no longer … More

Koolhaas responds to campaign against Beirut sea front project

Photo by Joan Chaker A new campaign has been launched to preserve the the Dalieh of Raoucheh sea front located in Beirut, Lebanon … More

“The smart city is not so smart,” says Reinier de Graaf

Sustainability has become an ultimate goal for architecture, a quest to creating the perfectly ‘green’, eco-friendly, recycled, reclaimed and upcycled community that … More

Horizontal and vertical homes stand side-by-side on The Palm

Low-level contrast with high-rise in the forms of the Horizontal Home and the Vertical Home – which are the names of two … More

Why do today’s architects build digital cities?

When I was a grad student in architecture school in the 80s, one of our professors was on a mission. Every semester … More

Middle East designers respond to Gehry attack

Architect Frank Gehry had a few harsh words for a reporter who recently asked how he responds to critics who say he … More

Rotating rooms for Tehran residence responds to climate change in the city

The demands of Tehran’s hot summers and cold winters are catered for in a private residence which uses techniques developed for the … More

DAMAC: What are developers looking for in architects?

Architecture is a “magical mix of art, science and business” says DAMAC’s technical general manager Sherif  Seleem when asked how he defines … More

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