The believer

Nick Ames meets Josh McLean who says design can change people lives – and is excited by the possibilities which exists across the UAE. Josh McLean has just started working in Dubai for Brewer Smith Brewer Gulf after stints in Australia, the UK … More

The Adventurist

Chelsea-made designer Katharine Pooley talks to CID this month and tells us why she chose Doha for her entrance into the Middle East market The self-described ‘utter-explorer’ has most certainly had her fair share of travelling. Having visited more than a whopping 100 … More

The design nomad

From Beirut to Casablanca and Dubai, Fady Chams and his company Prospect Design International have left their mark on a number of global hotspots. Born in Lebanon, Fady Chams was raised in Saudi Arabia due to his father’s profession in the construction industry. … More

Architect on a mission

Fariborz Hatam is a man with a real passion for excellence in architectural design. And when he looks around his adopted home city of Dubai he is not always sure he likes what it is that meets his eyes. “Dubai is a chaos … More

Building a Career

Bethel Teferra has been in the UAE for just five months – but already she is working as an engineer on two of the biggest projects in the region. The 24-year-old, who was bought up in Montreal, Canada, is one of the latest … More

In the world of Graindorge

This month, CID talks to one of France’s leading industrial designers Benjamin Graindorge about his inherent love for science and his plans to visit dubai Largely recognised as one of France’s most reputable young designers, Benjamin Graindorge doesn’t seem to have reached his … More

The Light Maker

CID finds out how Croatian lighting designer Dean Skira came into his field of work and formed the company Skira The first time we met Croatian lighting designer, Dean Skira, was at the first edition of the DesignMENA Summit in early December 2013. … More

Steel Rebel

Albanian artist and product designer Helidon Xhixha talks to CID about his passion for steel sculpting and freedom of expression. Helidon Xhixha, an Albanian artist currently based in Italy, begins: “My father was the starting point of my career.” Though he is currently … More

The Godfather

Brian Johnson, managing partner at Godwin Austen Johnson architecture firm, tells CID Of his decades-long journey in the land of sand. For designers and architects, Dubai in the 1970s was like a blank canvas: it was a vast and open desertscape ideal for … More

In the spotlight

Karen Michelle Evans, managing associate at HBA International, tells CID what led her to becoming Interior Designer of the Year I always wanted to make things. So my whole career started from that when I was very young,” Michelle Evans starts out. In … More

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