Iraqi BIM specialist Hadeel Safaa Saadoon discusses the future of design technology

“BIM is a critical stepping stone that moves architecture, engineering and construction towards exciting technological developments,” said award-winning Iraqi BIM specialist Hadeel Safaa Saadoon. “These developments include generative design based on computational or parametric design… Other advances in BIM, like augmented reality and … More

Cracknell’s Chia Wen discusses the qualities in Japanese landscape design that inspire her

Malaysian landscape architect, Chia Wen, has promised to bring something a little different to the market in the GCC. Having worked in her home country with a Japanese firm following graduation, as well as in Vietnam, before relocating to Dubai in April 2017 … More

JT+Partners’ Michelle Najm reflects on her experience in Dubai and how we can all learn from Frank Lloyd Wright

“When I was a kid, I would always draw dresses,” said Lebanese architect Michelle Najm from JT+Partners. “But then I would always find myself excited by new buildings and places, especially in Beirut, where the urban environment is very dense and you can … More

Meet La Casa’s Atef Khedhir, head architect on the Mall of Palestine

A Tunisian architect who’s worked in North Africa and now Dubai, Atef Khedhir joined regional architecture firm La Casa back in 2011, following a one year stint with Australian company Schreiber Hamilton. His move proved to be successful, as he’s now handling one … More

Emerging Iraqi architect Nizar Razak speaks on his award-winning urban development scheme for Baghdad district

Born and raised in Sadr City, a district of Baghdad first developed in 1959 by Prime Minister Abd Al-Karim Qasim, award-winning Iraqi architect Nizar Razak from Manhal Habbobi Consultants, has long been on track to resew the built fabric of his hometown. His … More

Interview: Brian Johnson on building an architecture career in Dubai since the 1970s

For designers and architects, Dubai in the 1970s was like a blank canvas: it was a vast and open desertscape ideal for a fresh start. And that’s exactly when Brian Johnson first ventured into the sunny and sandy lands of the United Arab … More

Dewan’s up-and-coming project architect says architecture is the centre of all arts

“I didn’t know that I was going to become an architect,” said Sima Hammami, project architect at regional firm Dewan Architects + Engineers. “But growing up in Aleppo, you get inspired by the richness of the city. You see the mix of architecture … More

GAJ’s Christine Espinosa discusses her endless drive to be a top architect

Before moving to Dubai 10 years ago, Christine Espinosa gained valuable work experience early on in her home country. In the Philippines, after graduating from the PLM College of Architecture and Urban Planning, she chose to work with small, boutique firms on projects … More

Meet MEA’s young architect of the month Aman Yusuf

According to Karachi-born, Dubai-based architect Aman Yusuf, the UAE is the land of opportunity – especially if you’re in the design and build industries. The young AUS-graduate said that particularly in comparison to North America and the UK, the speed and density of … More

Design should respond to culture, nature and context says RSP’s Farah Al-Khoury

“I haven’t completely understood what my design style is,” said Farah Al-Khoury, junior architect at RSP in Dubai. “But I think design requires research and being critical and responsive. It requires figuring out what the most appropriate solution is – whether that’s a … More

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