Downtown Design: Preciosa showcases lighting that mimics Islamic calligraphy

Czech lighting manufacturer Preciosa exhibited its Islamic-inspired ‘Ridge Stones- Kuf’ at Downtown Design, designed by duo Jan Vacek and Martin Smid of … More

Philips brings new lighting system to Middle East

Philips launched its innovative remote lighting management system, CityTouch, which uses mobile and cloud-based technologies to control street lighting, in the Middle … More

Light as a design element: Porsche Showroom Abu Dhabi

The Porsche brand was first introduced to the city of Abu Dhabi in 1987 when the Ali & Sons Group was entrusted … More

Lighting suppliers you should know

The future development of society in both developed countries and emerging economies are closely tied up with the ability to effectively light … More

Meet the CID Awards sponsors: Preciosa Lighting

Craftsmanship, expertise in the art of glass making and excellence based on years of experience passed down from generation to generation are some of Preciosa’s … More

Sony unveils latest LED light bulb with Bluetooth speaker

Sony Japan recently introduced a new LED bulb with an integrated Bluetooth speaker. With its decor-friendly design, the 360-lumen bulb can be … More

Objects of Desire: Best of lighting

With the launch of the fifth edition of exclusive coffee table book Objects of Desire taking place last week at The Fridge, … More

Lasvit introduces new lighting series

At this year’s Euroluce exhibition in Milan, Czech and Slovak lighting designer Lasvit launched its latest series of lighting designs called Temple … More

LEDomination: Regional experts discuss development in lighting industry

With European markets constantly increasing and improving sustainable elements in their various industries, we’ve also seen the Middle East start to take … More

Video: Supernova by Lasvit responds to viewers’ movements

Lasvit’s latest lighting structure is Supernova- an interactive glass kinetic light that transforms itself in time and space by responding to the … More

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