How can interior designers and engineers work together?

Sharon Jutla, Associate Director at Studio HBA, writes about the importance of collaboration with engineering consultants   All of history’s most impactful entrepreneurs, from Thomas Edison to Steve Jobs, were able to shape our world not only by their inventions, but by their … More

Hani Fallaha, LOCI Architecture + Design on the importance of “homegrown” design

When Hamad Khoory and I set out to create LOCI Architecture + Design, we envisioned a design studio that is passionate about the context in which it lies.  We intended to utilise a design team’s global experience and knowledge to promote regional design … More



The voice of experience…not!

There’s yet another piece of Dubai-bashing in the UK press by no less a figure than Alex Proud (no, me neither). He slates just about everything from the climate to the legal system in an article in the Daily Telegraph. But let’s concentrate … More

Why choose wood? Roderick Wiles, AHEC explores

Roderick Wiles, AHEC Director for Africa, Middle East, South Asia and Oceania explores how American Hardwoods can be a major contributor to sustainable design in the hospitality industry. Among his many other achievements, celebrated American architect Frank Lloyd Wright was famous for saying: … More



Retro urban style

Regenerating the region’s heritage architecture can only be of benefit to a city’s identity. The Art Mill project for Doha is one we have featured this month and I find it interesting on many levels. Firstly it is good to see the recognition … More

Coming together is in our best interest, says APID director Linda Merieau

Among the creative industries, the interior design profession is one that has a significant impact on society at large. Not only does this business add to the economy, it also makes a positive contribution toward the health and well-being of individuals, their productivity … More

Marina Petrovic


Made in fabulous Dubai

Ever since I set foot in this region, I’ve been hearing how Dubai is one of the greatest cosmopolitan centres of the world. Attracting thousands of us to its shores each month, it doesn’t take much to realize that it’s also the city … More



Destruction of ancient site and brutal murder of its guardian shows IS contempt for humankind

  Comprehending the actions of people whose sole agenda seems to be hate for humanity and all its achievements is not an easy – or pleasant – task. The news that Islamic State militants have destroyed one of the Middle East’s great ancient … More

How can interior design industry support academia

By Asil Adil Al Baghdadi, Interior Architecture & Design Department, University of Sharjah The design industry today demands the development of new ways of collaboration between academia and business. Hence, it is crucial to expose interior design students to industry and to have … More



Is it true an architect’s design led to his state-sanctioned execution?

As editor of Middle East Architect, building design is my job. And for many in the profession – that’s also the case. It’s a job. It may be creative, it may have social impact, but in the end it’s a way to make … More

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