Adam Tihany-designed Four Seasons in Dubai creates boutique-style sanctuary for business travelers

Quiet and luxury are words that best characterise the interior of the recently opened Four Seasons hotel, located in the heart of Dubai International Financial Centre. Designed by acclaimed hospitality designer, Adam Tihany, the 110-room hotel offers an intimately sized urban oasis for business travellers, blending modern boutique aesthetics with the refined essence of the brand.


“There is a hand-crafted quality to the hotel,” says Tihany. “It is very personal. We wanted the feeling of an inclusive exclusivity, without the ‘members only’ attitude.”

He compares his design to the famous slogan “When your own initials are enough”, introduced during the late seventies by well-known Italian leather manufacturer Bottega Veneta.


“It is a restrained luxury. It is a hotel for people that don’t need to show off. They are adults and they expect the best without being in your face.

“I am a custom tailor. I make suits to measure, I don’t buy them off the shelf. It is about designing to the smallest details. I don’t want anybody to come here and be short-changed. We know that our customers are very sophisticated and that they have much better homes and much better technology. But, in our small world we’re going to give them the best we have,” says the designer.


Running a boutique design practice in New York, Tihany has been creating interiors at some of the most iconic properties around the globe, including Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, One & Only Cape Town and the Beverly Hills Hotel. As he explains, projects in the Middle East didn’t suit his tastes, but then he got a call to design the At.mosphere restaurant at the top of Burj Khalifa.


“Projects in this region were always about ‘the bigger and better’ and who can do the more extravagant and luxurious work and that is against my grain. I don’t need an affirmation on that level, so we were waiting for the right project to come up. The first one was the At.mosphere restaurant at the top of Burj Khalifa and you can’t say no to design a venue in the tallest building in the world.”

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