Airbus unveils new interior concept for best-selling aircraft

Airbus has unveiled a new interior concept for its best-selling A330 widebody aircraft, which is expected to be picked up by most major airlines and adapted to their own brand specifications.


The new interior, called Airspace by Airbus, will have more floor space, bigger luggage bins and updated bathrooms. Airspace will be standard on the new A330neo and the A350 XWB.


The aircraft’s economy seats will be its standard 18-inches wide, which is an inch larger than the competition, Airbus touted.

A330neo_Airspace-by-Airbus_Entrance-area (1)

The cabin offers entertainment systems with larger seat-back screens and no longer has under-seat control boxes, freeing up floor space.


The concept has been developed around four pillars – comfort, ambiance, services and design.





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