History of Science Centre by Hoehler + alSalmy architecture firm debuts in Oman

The History of Science Centre, an exhibition and conference facility at the German University of Technology Oman (GUtech) in Muscat, designed by Hoehler + alSalmy architects, has been inaugurated recently. The building houses replicas of some of the earliest groundbreaking innovations from the Islamic world.

The building is divided into two sections: the external structure is a concrete latticework shell which envelopes the gallery area of the internal section, which is elevated on a platform. The winding staircase is another striking design feature which is meant to represent an architectural journey.

While the architects drew much of their inspiration from the premise of the building – scientific concepts from across the fields of geography, astronomy, maritime, mathematics and physics, there are evident influences of local culture. Modelled on a traditional Omani house, the core of the building is made of the same mud as old Omani forts. The mashrabiya is then laid over a wall of glass which covers the central structure.

The geometric pattern of the mashrabiya is inspired by the Qarawiyyin mosque in Fes, Morocco, dating back to AD857. The shell has a varied thickness, keeping in mind the summer heat, providing extra protection to the exposed parts of the building.

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One Response to History of Science Centre by Hoehler + alSalmy architecture firm debuts in Oman

  1. ayoub oghanna , Omani Architect. says:

    Spectacular shape YES !!.., but the geometrical pattern of the very heavy exterior is misused and distorted ,creating odd shaped corners . In every geometrical pattern the stars are central feature requiring symmetry as on any Islamic screen on any mashrabiya or facade.

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