LISTED: 166 cancelled and stalled Dubai projects

A list of Dubai’s cancelled real estate projects has been released by The Dubai Court.

The list is considerable, detailing a total of 166 projects that have stalled.

The Cancelled Real Estate Projects Committee is currently hearing 17 projects which were launched by Reliance Estate Development, and two projects by Khyool Investment – Abjar Tower and Faras 2 – have been liquidated with the money distributed among investors.


However, the courts clarify say there is no specific time period for the judgment to be passed in projects that are under consideration with all investors being informed of the final judgment using different ways of communication listed in advance on its website.


The Real Estate Regulatory Agency(Rera), the regulatory arm of Dubai Land Department, has not officially published the list of cancelled projects.

The official list as published by Emirates 24|7, of cancelled projects mentioned by the Dubai Courts under various categories (Developer: developers name and followed by the projects) .

Cancelled projects that have been liquidated and distributed among investors

Developer: Khyool Investment LLC Projects: Abjar Tower; Faras 2

Cancelled projects currently under hearing by the committee

Developer: Reliance Estate Development Porjects: Reliance 1 to 16

Cancelled projects, which have been heard and registered by the committee, and are in process of distributing amounts among investors

Developer: High Rise Properties LLC Projects:

  • Dorna Tower
  • Orchid Residences
  • The Heights-Golden
  • Waves Business Tower
  • The Heights-Silver
  • Rotating Residence
  • High Rise Boulevard 1
  • High Rise Boulevard 2

Developer: Hampstead & Mayfair Development Limited Project: Hampstead Residences

Developer: Zenith Real Estate Development (LLC) Project: Zenith Tower A3

Developer: Orbit Holdings Limited Project: Orbrit Holding

Developer: IR Investments Holding Company Limited Project: Tonino Lamborghini-Elettra Residence

Developer: M E Development L.L.C Project; Windsor Residence

Developer: Cliff Dwellings Enterprises Ltd Project: Global Golf Residence

Developer: Galadari Investment Office Limited Project: G-Office Tower

Developer: Bux Holdings Limited Beti Ul Funoon

Developer: Parshwa Holdings Limited Sapphire

Developer: Escan Real Estate

  • Escan Tower
  • Eden 1
  • Eden 2

Developer: Al Zahra Properties

  • Sunset Gardens A
  • Sunset Gardens B
  • Sunrise 2

Developer: Alternative Capital Invest Gmbh (Branch)  Wings of Arabia

Developer: Makaseb Properties

  • Rufi Tower (Quattro)
  • Rufi Lake View
  • Archery Tower
  • Quattro West

Developer: Merwess Abdulaziz

  • Azizi Feirouz I
  • Azizi Feirouz Ii
  • Azizi Feirouz Iii
  • Azizi Fountanne Tower

Developer: Remah Holding Limited Tower 88

Developer: Dujan Properties Ltd Eden Blue

Cancelled projects which have been transferred to the committee and will be heard soon

Developer: Sanali Holdings FZE

  • Sanali Business Tower
  • Sanali Business Heights
  • Sanali Capital Avenue

Developer: Azizi Investments (L.L.C) Al Masa Ii

Developer: Integral Properties Development Integral 05

Developer: Qureshi Faisal Abdul Aziz Dunes Dahlia

Developer: Dunes Group Developments Limited Dunes Lilac

Developer: Royal Holdings Ltd Global Elahi Residence

Developer: Al Tafany Properties Limited Al Tafany Tower

Developer: Crown Two Holding Limited Crown Royal


Developer: Noorzak Investments Limited

  • Jehaan 2
  • Jehaan 3
  • Jehaan 4
  • Jehaan 6
  • Jehaan 11
  • Jehaan 9

Developer:  Diamond Arch Limited

  • Diamond Arch 1
  • Diamond Arch 2

Developer: Jab Developments Inc Pebble Stone

Developer: Oasis JV Limited Oasis Heights

Developer: Sheth Estate (International ) Limited Iris Mist

Developer: Al Mas Worlds Investment Limited Soraya Tower II

Developer: Kleindienst Properties The K Suites

Developer: Salya Homes Limited Mario Valentino Boulevard

Developer: Star Surveying & Evaluating Services Sahara One

Developer:  Burj Alalam Holdings Limited Burj Alalam

Developer: Rufi Down Town Residency Limited Rufi Royal Residency

Developer: 32 Group Properties Limited Paris Residence

Developer: Umesh Kumar Vinodrai Chug Insignia Residence

Developer: Desert Dream Investments & Development Properties Dream Harbour Dream Square

Developer: Baiti Properties Development LLC Al Qurashi

Developer: Flamingo Investments Limited Sanali Flamingo

Developer: ERC Property Developers Limited The Heights

Developer: Westar Properties Ltd Westar Galaxy

Developer: Dheeraj & East Coast (LLC) The H.Q

Developer: Cenita Global Ltd Casa Verona

Developer: Sheffield Real Estate LLC Sheffield Classique

Developer: UAE Waterfront Group Limited Royal Bay

Developer: Profile Zero Five Five Limited Zero Five Five

Developer: Syndicate Sealine Limited Mystica


Cancelled projects which have been transferred to the committee and will be heard soon, contd…

Developer: Bangash Developments Limited

  • Royal Deluxe Villas
  • Royal Luxury Villas
  • Royale Garden Residence

Developer: Al Faraa Properties

  • Burj Al Faraa
  • Image Residences

Developer: ACW Holding Ltd Platinum 2

Developer: Sternon Developers Limited Sternon Tower 1

Developer: Jasmine Garden Limited Jasmine Garden

Developer: Chapal World LLC. Chapal Emirates Point

Developer: Satnam Singh R & R Tower I

Developer: Infinity Emirates Investments LLC Soccer Tower

Developer: UK-CIG Developments (JVS) Limited Metropolis Lofts

Developer: New World Investments Limited World Wide Tower

Developer: Star Developers Limited Nathalie Tower

Developer: D10 AWF Investment Limited Aquarius Gate Tower

Developer: Jab Mosaistone Developments Inc Mosia Stone

Developer: Mahdi Amrollahi (Partner) Antar Marzooq (Owner) Pisa Tower Residence

Developer: Sameer Mahmoud Al Ali Zenith Tower

Developer: Es Investments Limited Kpm 2 & 3

Developer: Smart Home Properties Elegant Tower

Developer: Premier Group (Fzc) Berlin City Center

Developer: Aryene Property Developers Limited Aryene Wonders

Developer: Evergreen Signature Investment Limited Le Stelle 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Developer: Diamond Properties Limited Blue Moon Tower

Developer: Rufi Luxury Heights Limited Rufi Luxury Heights

Developer: Optimo Arabia Limited Arabia Tower

Developer: Elan Investment Limited Sanali Quantum

Developer: Gulf Line International Ltd North Gate Business Tower

Developer: Beliza Resources Limited Prodigy4

Developer: German Holding Group (L.L.C) Mira Palace

Developer: Oakgrove Global Limited Prodigy2

Developer: Avetona Global Limited Prodigy5

Developer: Mirjana Resources Ltd Prodigy3

Developer: Neel Devcons Limited Phoenix Wings

Developer: Ashai Tower JVS Limited Ashai Tower 5

Developer: Rufi Grand Apartments Limited Rufi Grand Apartments

Developer: Luxor Investments Limited The Signet

Developer: Pearl Properties The Palesides

Developer: Kensington Global Investments Inc Kensington Krystal

Developer: Yra Enterprises Limited Schon Suites and Schon Residence

Developer: City-D Investments Limited Pangkor Laut Luxury Residence & Spa Village

Developer: Malson Limited Maison Residence Collection

Developer: V Resorts Ltd V-Greece on The World

Developer: Alternative Capital Invest Gmbh (Branch) Palazza Arabia Venetian Arabia

Developer: Sama Emirates Estate Development (L.L.C) The Sama World Tower

Developer: Al Duaa Holdings (Fzc) Alduaa Marina Tower

Developer: Spain Select Limited The Aquitainia

Developer: Hampstead & Mayfair Development Limited Hampstead & Mayfair Boutique Residences

Developer: Bela Vida Limited Dolce Vita

Developer: Alternative Capital Invest Gmbh (Branch) Sami Q Tower

Developer: Grun Developers Limited PKS Residences

Developer: Kleindienst Properties The K Hotel

Developer: Anis Holdings Limited Chase Residency

Developer: Crown Three Holding Limited Taiba

Developer: Sungwon (Fze) Santeview

Developer: Hydra Properties (L.L.C) Hydra Towers

Developer: Ahmed Abdul Rahim Al Attar Properties LLC

  • Toronto
  • Vancouver

Developer: Posh Holdings Limited Posh Lifestyles

Developer: Fortune Serene Limited Fortune Serene

Developer: Dja414 Investment Limited Sienna Square

Developer: AAA Facilities Management Services (L.L.C) Eclipse Tower

Developer: Escan Real Estate Escan Tower

Developer: Alternative Capital Invest Gmbh Victory Bay Tower

Developer: Burj Al Dua’a Limited The Plaza

Developer: Alternative Capital Invest Gmbh (Branch) Pershing Luxury Beach Residence Tower

Developer: Zero Five Zero Limited Zero Five Zero

Developer: Sebco Limited Sebco Residence

Developer: Planetex Holdings Co Limited Crown Avenue

Developer: PND Investments Ltd 10 Tower

Developer: Heman Red and General Trading Limited I-Dubai

According to Dubai Courts, the committee for the liquidation of cancelled real estate projects and settlement of rights related thereof specialises in liquidation of real estate projects by which a final decision of cancellation has been issued by Rera whereas the judgments, orders and decisions issued by the committee shall be final, peremptory and not appealable by all means of a regular appeal and shall be executed by the implement department of the court.

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