Masamichi Katayama-designed Intersect by Lexus merges interiors and automotives

Aidan Imanova visits Dubai’s latest eatery—Lounge Spot Intersect by LEXUS to see how interiors combines with automotive design.

The two-floor Intersect by Lexus is the automotive firm’s latest endeavour in getting in touch with a younger audience, delving into other forms of design to attract a new generation.

Created by well-known Japanese interior designer Masamichi Katayama, founder of design firm Wonderwall, Dubai’s Intersect by Lexus concept is the second in the world. Katayama created the first Intersect in Tokyo in 2013.


Interior fit-out works was done by Al Tayer Stocks.

“A ‘clubhouse’ is the core concept of this project, where people gather in a salon-like space, while enjoying privacy and comfort,” Katayama tells us.

“I wanted to design a space that is a lounge, an eatery, a library, as well as a space to display the Lexus philosophy and designs in a creative and unique way, giving guests the Lexus experience without being inside one of its cars.”

He adds that the space aims to provide an intimate experience that connects the visitors to the brand in a new and interesting way. In addition to being all the things Katayama previously mentioned, it is also an “incubation platform” that generates innovative ideas and concepts.


Designer Masamichi Katayama.

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