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The RAK Ceramics digital printer for touch-less printing.

Schwarz said the challenge of integrating new software into a company is always the setup and training.

“That’s why CAD+T focuses strongly on this. We set up a project plan with our clients. So far we have had a lot of interest with all designers and draftsmen due to the AutoCAD interface, as they can still use the same shortcuts and commands. As more or less everyone in the interior design business is trained on AutoCAD, we achieve short training times and lower training costs,” she added.

Kumar agreed there were challenges in the Middle East, especially related to the global market’s connection with the region.

“Over the years, the Middle East market has grown a lot, and customers are becoming even more demanding as they catch up with the global trends. It becomes a challenge for RAK Ceramics to meet the higher demands of its customers. This is why one of the tools we employ to keep us successful is integrating technology in design,” he said.

Maraqa said, as an application, while printing technology has reached its potential, innovation will be seen with materials and trying to develop ink that mimics gold and silver accurately.

“Seeing the dynamic market we are in, we expect rapid evolution in design technology. The creative imagination of designers and architects, plus the support of technology developers and equipment manufacturers will keep growing,” said Kumar.

Schwarz agreed design technology needs to evolve but believes the market will change on a long term basis. “Due to increasing competition in the market, companies are already, and will be, forced to do more projects at the same time, but trying to receive the same turnover as before, with lower margins.

This is only possible with proper software and organisation. Companies which start improving their technology, and the ones who do it early, will be the winners in the end,” she added.

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