Pictures: Egypt designers & architects’ exhibition

The “Design Is a Verb!” exhibition is a project set up by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Arts Center to help preserve Egypt’s cultural heritage.

Opening on Thursday, July 5, 2012, the event will be hosted at the West exhibition hall at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Conference Center, till August 4, 2012.

It is an annual exhibition that displays the works of a number of designers from various fields such as architecture, industrial design, product design, fashion design and digital creations.


The theme of the first edition of the project is “Preserving the Egyptian Cultural Heritage”. This theme is chosen in response to various social changes that have taken place in Egypt after the January 25 revolution.

Professional and amateur designers, and architects were invited to participate and present their designs.

The organiser of the exhibition, Mohamed El Sheikh said the event will be an opportunity to see the interesting new design propositions and reflect on where Egyptian design is now, and how Egyptian designers are looking to the future.

“Since the opening of the BA Arts Center, all exhibitions held were only for visual and plastic arts. So we decided to add the field of applied arts to our activities,” said El Sheikh.

He added: “It also aims to gather all young and middle-aged creative designers to show their work to the public, as this kind of art is almost forgotten and there is an obvious lack of interest in design as an art. There’s also a need for developing and improving artistic appreciation of the Alexandrian and Egyptian public in this field.”

He said the exhibition will also help companies searching for creative and innovative designs and ideas get in touch with designers, which will enrich the Egyptian industry.

Participants: Eslam Sayed Hamed, fashion designer, Egypt ENCODE  (Egyptian Node for Collaborative Design) studio, architects, Egypt Eman Banna, jewelry designer, Egypt Bassel Abo Bakr & Lab59, architects, Egypt Taymour Senbel, Khaled Elashry and Aya Ibrahim, architects, Egypt Hassan Mohamed Hassan Elsayed, architect, Egypt Drumstick & Lab59, designers, Egypt Rachel Thompson, web designer, Canada Salma Jalabi, product designer, United Arab Emirates Samar Saied Ghareeb, fashion designer, Egypt Aicha Abdulmailk Mansour, product designer, Yemen Aly Kabbary, industrial designer, Egypt May Rifaat, fashion designer, Egypt Mohamed Shaaaban, glass products designer, Egypt Mahmoud Salah Yossef, architect, Egypt Michael Feichtmair, industrial designer, Germany Hend Abdel Aziz, fashion designer, Egypt Waleed Tarek Ali Shehata, architect, Egypt Yassin El Hamaky, architect/designer, Egypt Studio Meem (Manar Moursi), designer, Egypt

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