A foreign affair

Not many people get to experience the buzz of working in a South American country such as Brazil, but that’s just what Joakim de Rham did when he graduated as an interior architect from the Ecole d’Architecture Athenaeum Lausanne (EAAL), in Switzerland, to go and work with the renowned architect Sig Bergamin in São Paulo.

According to de Rham, it was one of the best experiences of his life because the city was full of so much energy. He said it was a real contrast to his hometown, Lausanne, as it was constantly full of movement where the arts, architecture and interior design blend into a way of life there.

It was here, the Swiss interior architect learned to develop his skills before moving to Dubai to set up Swiss Bureau Interior Design, with his business partner Maher Al Zarooni in 2003.

De Rham came to Dubai to change his creative outlook after working with Siavosh Adeli at Adeli & de Rham Interior Design, where he worked with various UAE clients on commercial and residential projects in Switzerland.

In his new role, the ‘boutique’ agency designs and executes turnkey interiors for offices, restaurants, retail and residential projects.

It has a portfolio of international companies, government entities, consulate and local businesses.

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