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Dale Cesar Najarro combines his global design experiences to achieve perfection in his interiors projects

A senior designer at Design Work Portfolio, Dale Cesar Najarro landed in the UAE in 2005, and worked as an architect and designer at Samuel Creations SA until 2010 when he joined his current firm.

Najarro graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Cebu Institute of Technology, Philippines. His first award was the Annual Design Award for Architecture Students 1985 while competing against students from four architecture schools in the Philippines.

Since graduating from university, he has worked with various architectural and engineering firms, and gained experience in architecture and interior design in creative space planning and graphic work.

During his first few years as a professional, he was exposed to different Asian design cultures found in countries like the Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam and China.

It was after this he set up his own private design practice in the Philippines, working on residential and commercial projects, both as an architect and interior consultant. It was during this time he kindled his interest in photography and furniture design and has been slowly building up his portfolio in both.

“Deciding that the time was right to spread out my wings to a more diversified culture environment, I came to the UAE,” Najarro said. At Samuel Creations SA, the majority of projects he handled related to hospitality. He then had a chance to be exposed to European design culture by attending workshops in France and design-related events across Europe.

His current projects are equally varied both in project types and geography, which range from Korea to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In addition, he belongs to many professional organisations, including United Architects of the Philippines (UAP), American Institute of Architects (AIA), Association of Professional Interior Designers (APID), and United Arab Emirates Society of Engineers (UAE SE).

Najarro also believes in sustainable design. “During my tenure with Design Work Portfolio, my increasing interest in green projects and environmental issues made me a strong advocate of sustainable solutions,” he said.

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