H2R uses Italian terrazzo to create timeless design for new cafe in the Dubai Mall

Dubai-based design and architecture studio H2R has created a cafe in The Dubai Mall featuring Italian Terrazzo slabs and pastel furniture to create a timeless and elegant interior.

Two at Symphony is the F&B extension of luxury fashion boutique, Symphony, created by two Emirati sisters, transitioning spatially from a boutique store to a contemporary cafe. The design is intended to create a ‘secret oasis’, exuding a sense of tranquility, complete with hints of luxurious design details.

Soft pastel tones emphasise the openness and movement throughout the space, extending from the open entrance from the boutique that provides visitors with an overall view of the interior space.

Italian terrazzo slabs add a striking element to the space, creating a sense of timeless elegance, contrasting with the more solid white marble and brass accents.

A central bar is the main feature of the design, featuring illuminated petals that hover overhead, referencing leaves falling in the wind.

The Two Symphony cafe is located in Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue.


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