Herzog & de Meuron’s Beirut Terraces tower captured by Trevor Patt prior to completion

Herzog & de Meuron’s Beirut Terraces residential project is nearing completion, with images captured by photographer Trevor Patt.

Photography by Trevor Patt.

The project was first unveiled in 2010. It consists of residential units that vary in size as well as mutli-storey duplexes within a layered composition. Amenities include a spa with a pool, a sauna, as well as retail outlets located on the ground floor and a parking garage.

The building is located in one of Beirut’s central districts, Mina el Hosn, and backed by developers Benchmark.

The architects cited five principles that define the project which include layers and terraces, the contrast of indoor and outdoor spaces, vegetation, views and privacy and light and identity.

The next phase of the project will see vegetation covering the façade of each floor.

Outdoor terraces will be made of hanging gardens and extended perforated slabs, created as an extension of the indoor living areas.

Floor-to-ceiling windows will offer residents scenic views and will make use of the natural light. The vegetated screens provide shade and also acts as a privacy tool for each unit.





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