L.E.FT Architects has renovated an existing structure into a contemporary mosque using steel frames

New York and Lebanon-based studio L.E.FT Architects has renovated an existing building in Moukhtara, Lebanon; juxtaposing the traditional stone structure with geometric steel frames.

Photography by Bahaa Ghoussainy.

The Amir Shakib Arslan mosque evokes a contrast – as well as a combination – of old and new architectural styles. The white steel structure is overlaid onto the traditional cross-vaulted masonry structure, with the angular geometric shapes of the steel plates aligning to Mecca.

The steel frames also create a public plaza with a water fountain as well as shaded seating area. The words ‘Allah’ and ‘Insan’ (human) are incorporated into the minaret and canopy of the mosque.

Lebanese photographer Bahaa Ghoussainy  has released these new images that further highlight the contrast between the light steel structure and the heavy, volumetric stone building.






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