Lookalike architecture: UAE buildings with international twins

Working in a creative field means constantly coming face to face with the creations of others. And architecture is no different.

Because urban design is an integral part of our surroundings, those working in the field are perpetually confronted by the visions of others, probably more than any other industry. With this comes the aspect of inspiration- something that can be either consciously or subconsciously influential.

It is near impossible to say that a single piece of design has no origin, nothing from which the designer pulled his or her ideas. Inspiration can vary from adopting hints of another project- be it form, concept or structure- to sometimes being an exact replica, such as the case with China’s copycat architecture.

Here we look at five buildings in the UAE which echo projects worldwide.


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One Response to Lookalike architecture: UAE buildings with international twins

  1. Mark Thompson says:

    Notice a trend?
    The title implies that Dubai got there first, but in every case, it is Dubai copying work from elsewhere!

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