Morelato and photographer Flavio Favero create haunting images of most prized objects

Italian furniture manufacturer Morelato has collaborated with photographer Flavio Favero to create haunting photo series of its most well-regarded objects to date.

Shooting Museo MAAM 19 MORELATO

Taken at the historic Villa Dionisi, headquarters of Aldo Morelato Foundation and MAAM (the permanent museum for the applied art in the furniture field), the scienogrphaic images blend art and design, and the past and present in an outstanding setting.

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Shooting Museo MAAM 20 MORELATO

“The communication strategy that lies behind this project is the will to underline the bond between the Veronese company and its land, rich in traditions and culture,” the company explained.

“To make the photos more impressive, Favero has saturated the backgrounds, creating a shadow game in the surroundings to give the products more emphasis making them protagonists of the picture. The result is really scenographic: furniture takes centre stage, as if it was in the limelight.

Shooting Museo MAAM 25 MORELATO

“The choice of taking pictures to a single object in unadorned spaces, is intended precisely to accentuate the shapes and style of the product itself. The meaning that Favero wants to convey is the value that a Morelato piece of furniture can bring to any space, transferring a distinctive taste,” Morelato said.

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