White Corporate is an interior design company which was set up in Singapore in 2001. It has three affiliated companies, White Space Living, Substance Living and White2 Partnership, providing design consultation and project management services for residential and commercial projects.

White Space Living focuses on Singapore’s public housing apartments, while Substance Living serves condominium, terrace house and bungalow projects, recently expanding into A&A (Addition & Alteration) work and construction.

White2 Partnership was formed in 2004 to focus on commercial projects like show flats, office, retail stores, F&B outlet, education facilities and hotels.

Roy On, business development manager, White Corporate said the owner of RI Stationers, Kathleen Loi, approached the company via its website to design her shop. She liked the concept and design which it proposed for the store and there was an easy chemistry between the client and the design team.

The brief was to design a store with a neutral palette to highlight its products, which are mainly locally designed journals, photo albums and greeting cards that come in a myriad of colours.

It was also asked to use cement screed finishing to create a raw feel and back-to-basics interior for the store ambience. The team was led by Thomas Tham and Ummi Nadhirah Binte Harun.

“We take every project very seriously. Especially for commercial projects, it is not just about having an impressive design. But a design that is functional for the client’s daily business operation,” said Harun.

“Thus, besides equipped with the latest commercial design trend, we must also have an in-depth understanding of the client’s business operation module and knowledge of their products or services. So that the design will be one that is exquisite and yet functional.”

On said the team conceptualised the store based on an origami theme and its intricate paper folds and got some design advice from Ted Givens, AIA (American Institute of Architects).

Givens, a partner at 10 Design in Hong Kong, is an award winning lead designer on projects ranging from exclusive resorts and hotels to large corporate headquarters. The overall concept of the design reflects the basic product of the store which is paper.

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