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The Chinese ideal of yin and yang is the inspiration behind the interiors of Greenleaf in London

Creative design agency 7Gods has completed the branding, interior design and project management of Greenleaf, a Chinese restaurant and karaoke bar in the heart of central London.

Established 10 years ago by Ronald Gomes, the firm has prior experience with hospitality, retail, commercial and residential clients in the architectural, interior and branding design arenas.

With a creative balance of yin and yang energies, the practice has renovated two levels of an existing site into a contemporary setting, which includes a number of items it created and made especially for the venue. The 30-seat restaurant is located on the ground floor of the building in Holborn, London.

“When designing Greenleaf Restaurant and Karaoke, our brief was to look to the future and create a space that reflects the spirit of a worldly, contemporary Chinese culture rather than perpetuating the clichéd pastiche that predominates in areas such as Soho,” said Gomes, about the design brief.

The establishment’s primary target market is the affluent Chinese students who live nearby. There are also many legal practices in the area, along with residential buildings, and 7Gods wanted to create an atmosphere where everyone felt welcome.

The owners purchased the site in 2010, with 7Gods brought onboard a few months later to create the entire branding and interior design concept for the restaurant.

“The first stage in our approach to the project was to define what this would be, and then the interior design grew out of that,” said Gomes.

The design team worked on the concept through early 2011, developing the design to its current form and construction started in the spring.

“All in all, we went thought nine different iterations of the design, refining it until we arrived at the current version,” he added.

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