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When the 10th anniversary of Dubai-based business consultancy firm, Ideaspice, came around in September 2011, it celebrated in its second office, designed by its own interior division, Spiceworks.

Sajith Ansar, CEO, Ideaspice, said the thought process behind the design was to create a space which the staff would enjoy coming to every day. “A major concept behind the interiors was that we wanted to make it look like a blend of the outdoors and indoors,” said Ansar.

Ideaspice moved into the new office in Al Diyafah, Dubai, in July 2011, from Deira. The previous space was smaller at 900 square feet, compared to the current location at 1270 square feet.

Ansar said after 10 years, it was time to relocate into a bigger office for the growing firm. He said it started off as a design company, and has grown to a branding firm that also provides business solutions. It was this shift in the firm’s branding that caused the design to have a more serious vibe, yet not lose the quirkiness its first office had.

“The earlier office had bunkbeds. We even had strobe lights in the bathroom, and a pool table for recreation. That was definitely quirky and done up in dark colours. Now it was time to be serious, yet have some twists in the design as well,” said Ansar.

There were multiple brainstorming sessions within the Ideaspice team to get a better understanding of where the company stood as a brand and how it wanted to portray itself in the future.

“We had to take in all our office/employee requirements to create this space. The desks have been positioned in an organic and modular form to enhance teamwork and interaction. To make it more personal and customised, all the team members were measured so that the space they use could be specified according to their individual heights,” added Ansar.

He said Spiceworks used lighter and brighter colours as compared to the first office, and tried to source materials or items not seen regionally.

When people enter the office, a large black horse with a lightbulb and shade on its head stands to the right, with a break-out area for staff to relax. The main office is a series of inter-connecting tables and chairs.

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