Zav Architects designs a home for underprivileged girls in rural Iran

The habitat for underprivileged girls by Zav Architects is located in historic Khansar, a small town in the heart of Iran. The purpose for the young girls is to move away from being under surveillance towards having a normal life in the small but well-protected town.

The building, which is both modest as well as a landmark, aims to provide the girls with not only a dormitory with public and private spaces but also with balconies that provide room for social bonding.

The building sits on a site area of 354 m2 and has a built area of 800 m2, spread over four levels. Apart from the conventional building techniques, the architects also used local craftsmanship and ingenious materials for this project, resulting in a project where the interior is materially identical to the exterior.

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Photos by: Aidin Gilandoost and Soroush Majidi

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