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We ask five industry professionals what they hope to see at this year’s exhibition

Index 2010 saw a return to quality and a diversity that seemed to have abandoned this fair in previous years. Out were the cheap Chinese products and in came items of a much higher standard.

As with everything, this return to quality did not happen by itself; dmg :: events saw the need to improve the fair and set up an Index steering committee. A series of designers from Dubai’s design community, (including me), were invited to brainstorm at a series of events. We discussed what needed to happen to bring this exhibition to the level of other international fairs.

It included what local designers needed to see, what lectures or personalities we would benefit from and what events would be most popular.

Many of the ideas and concepts were not implemented last year, as time was against us, although, I am sure this year’s show and the ones to come will bring unexpected surprises.

As a designer based in Dubai I find Index incredibly useful. We all lead such hectic lives with deadlines that become shorter and shorter that we rarely get a chance to meet other designers or suppliers unless it is project specific.

Having the chance to spend a day studying what our suppliers have launched and discover new ones makes us overall more competent. Chatting with colleagues, finding out how their projects are fairing and helping each other gives you a sense of community.

I personally feel part of our job is to keep abreast through local and international publications as well as visiting fairs. This knowledge allows us to inform our clients of the best possible options. Many of my client’s keep me on my toes and they are incredibly up-to-date with the latest trends. I look forward to Index and seeing quirky designs from the region.

Isabel Pintado, associate partner, Godwin Austen Johnson.

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