2013 kitchen design

We speak to several kitchen manufacturers to find out what’s on-trend for the Middle East next year. Report by Jenny Eagle

Kitchens are gradually taking a more architectural look with an emphasis on horizontal lines and moving away from the traditional base unit/wall unit, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

This is evident in Cassandra Cucine, a company that designs and builds hand-made kitchen furniture. It recently developed and produced what it claims to be ‘the world’s’ first curved kitchen.

“The new era in kitchen design is architectural-oriented. Cassandra’s Cucine goal is to spread a vision for a radical differentiation in the industry. Why should people take as a fact that the kitchen is made of square boxes.

Many of us would like to experiment and adopt a different way of storing and processing. We want to sell architectural masterpieces rather than kitchens and make people’s lives more interesting and creative,” said George Pitarokilis, founder/CEO, Cassandra Cucine

Predominant colours are light brown, soft grey, coffee and white as seen by Miele, which unveiled its line of Ice, Jet Black and Brilliant White collection.

“The characteristic trait of the ‘Ice’ series is its cool appeal. With a material mix comprising aluminum, silver rear-printed glass and chrome, Miele appliances accentuate the cool, puristic design of the kitchen,” said Gaby Koudsi, managing director, Miele GCC.

“Appliances in the Brilliant White collection are striking in their fully brilliant white exteriors, with a sleek white gloss finish, white opaque glass oven door, and bright chrome handles and frames completing the fresh vibrant look.”

According to Toni El-Kadi, area manager, Duravit, UAE, Qatar and Oman, the trend for 2013 is to see modern open kitchens similar to a living area.

“Kitchens are a place for preparing food, cooking, doing the dishes and spending time with family and friends. Therefore, the transition from the kitchen to the living area is fluent,” he said. “The configuration and the design is supposed to orient towards a home-like ambiance.

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