3D-printed jellyfish chandelier by Ranim Orouk wins Middle East Emergent Prize

Designer Ranim Orouk has won the 2016 Middle East Emergent Designer Prize by Van Cleef & Arpels, announced this morning during Design Days Dubai.


Glow by Ranim Orouk

The winning design which responds to this year’s theme of ‘Nature’ is inspired by the effervescence of a school of jellyfish. Glow can be used as either a ceiling chandelier or a floor lamp, combining traditional glassblowing and 3D printing production methods.

Spheres made of 3D printed glass are fused using curved acrylic rods that mimic the form of jellyfish legs. Once lit, the transmission of light throughout the piece emphasizes the radiance emitted from a bloom of jellyfish.


Glow by Ranim Orouk

“I am so honored that Glow was selected at the design for this year’s Middle East Emergent Designer Prize,” says winner Orouk after being announced. “This Prize provides encouragement and support for designers, and I am proud that the design sector here in the UAE provides such opportunities. I’d like to thank Design Days Dubai and Tashkeel and very much look forward to visiting L’ECOLE Van Cleef & Arpels in Paris for what will be a truly amazing experience.”

Michael Rice, who specializes in ceramics is an Associate Professor of Studio Art at the American University of Dubai, and was announced as runner up for the prize with his crystal bowl inspired by a spectrum of natural spiral forms of similar concepts found in shells, DNA helix and sand ripples.


Runner up design by Michael Rice

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