AIA announces campaign against unpaid architecture internships

‘Know Your Worth’ is the American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) latest campaign against free architectural internships with the intention to instil value for emerging professionals and their work.

Announced by the AIA Emerging Professionals, the campaign aims to notify “all generations of architects about the value Emerging Professionals bring to the field, and the importance of getting paid for internship hours.”

Although the issue of unpaid internships in the architectural field has been improving, there are still many students and emerging professionals still being faced with this challenge, especially in the Middle East region.

These two videos is the first stage of the campaign where the ideals for the campaign is emphasised. Later in August, the campaign will launch new salary calculator, which will help workers explore the “compensation information for 17 architectural positions by region and firm size.”

“That’s the legacy and history of our profession—this apprenticeship—but just because it’s an apprenticeship and a time where you’re still learning, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get paid.”

“There’s still this desire by the older generation to train the younger generation, and the feeling is, ‘I’m going to take some time out of my day, or my firm is going to take some time out of its day to train you, and in return, you need to do some work for us.’ This cuts across all professions. The Fair Labor Standards Act […] requires employers to compensate their employees.”

Learn more about the campaign, here.

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