Amanda Buckley designs a table lamp that encourages viewers to look directly into it

For her latest Empty Light, an American product designer Amanda Buckley has recently won the Bronze Award in the 2017 European Product Design Awards. Unlike most lamps, Empty Light encourages viewers to look directly into it.

It features an empty concave shade coated in a soft wash of white that reflects a hidden array of LEDs. While the shade is concave, it gives the appearance of being a flat diffused surface, creating a beautiful and surprising optical illusion.

“Lighting is a ubiquitous part of our everyday environments, and often when we look at a lamp or a beautiful shade we are faced with a bare light bulb. Empty Light was inspired by this and was designed to encouraging viewers to look directly into the light,” explains the designer.

Empty Light features a conical design, a shape that is iconic within lighting design and creates an expectation of what you will find inside.

This was used as an element of surprise to delight viewers when they look inside and find it empty. The overall design is simple with subtle details as to keep the emphasis on the interior of the shade and the lighting effect.

Empty Light is made of aluminium and comes in a new range of colours, light grey, blue and black, and is coated with a soft-coat finish.

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