Ammar Kalo’s recycled rubber tables for Fikra Campus are sliced in half to reveal white oak interior

Designer Ammar Kalo has created a series of four tables for Sharjah-based Fikra Campus, featuring a contrast of natural and man-made materials, each designed for a specific use within the commissioned space.

The tables are wrapped in a recycled rubber crumb and appear to be sliced in the middle, revealing a white oak interior which make up the table tops. These are then coated with a pink paint ceruse finish inspired by the hues from its surrounding interiors.

Balancing the heaviness of the black mass material are thin legs that pierce through to the ground. A cross section of the legs can also be seen from the table top, nestled in between the surface and the rubber exterior.

Kalo has also previously worked with a recycled rubber crumb material for his Macaron Seats, which were commissioned by waste management company, Bee’ah.

In 2015, Kalo also received an international design award for his work on the Stratum chair, derived from the ways in which plywood strata layers are carved to highlight the product’s utilitarian features.

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