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The bathroom is no longer a space that is purely driven by function. Today, designers and suppliers alike can offer a number of new ways to approach bathroom design, as the space itself has been gradually expanding to accumulate more space and more importance.

The developing bathroom is a trend happening worldwide, and isn’t solely related to upscale design. Sustainability and environmental principles, along with advanced technology, are also playing a large role.

Design superstar Philippe Starck continues to pioneer such developments with his original bathroom taps that boast green properties. Take for example, the Organic tap, which Starck designed for bathroom brand Axor.

According to Starck, the Organic tap creates a new type of water, one which has been referred to as “empty water”. By combining water with air, the innovative tap dramatically reduces water consumption without affecting the genuine feel of how much water one is actually using.

Bathroom innovation isn’t only occurring in Starck’s mind, as the UAE has witnessed a number of new initiatives that encourage environmental bathroom design.

In recent months, Delta Faucet discovered new local talents by hosting a bathroom design competition. While the competition brought together students from the American University of Dubai, the objective was to compete in designing sustainable bathrooms.

Of the 22 competitors, three were chosen for their distinct designs. The first prize winner was Anne El Meri, whose project established an eco-friendly public washroom that applied the Reed Bed system by incorporating plants to recycle and restore water.

El Meri said: “I enjoyed working on this challenge and have learnt that incorporating simple, yet effective design solutions into every day household products can have a lasting impact on the planet that we call home…I also believe that the use of modern technology for the betterment of the environment is essential in order to promote sustainable living for future generations.”

Aside from environmental design solutions, the use of technology in bathrooms is also an upcoming trend. A number of bathroom brands are incorporating the advantages of automation such as Dornbracht, who developed the Ambiance Tuning Technique (ATT), a series of jets that are pre-programmed in choreographed settings of water temperature and volume.

From advancing the experience of water, to bathroom aesthetics and comfort, technology allows us to redefine and revolutionise what we can expect from bathroom spaces.

As Andreas Dornbracht, CEO, Dornbracht said: “Technology also allows us to divide the bathroom into specific water zones to address people’s personal needs and individual spaces more intimately…The digitisation of the applications in the bathroom offers exciting possibilities for product and interior design.”

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