Blurred boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces demand versatile furniture, says Gian Paolo Migliaccio

About the author: Gian Paolo Migliaccio is the CEO of Italian outdoor furniture brand Ethimo, available through Purity Design Gallery.

Technological innovation is certainly at the base of the development of new products which are capable of responding in terms of effectiveness and efficiency to the needs of the outdoor furniture market. For example, this year we have suggested a wide range of fabrics that, although acrylic, and therefore specific for the exterior, thanks to their soft and pleasant texture to the touch, are surprisingly close to the fabrics used in indoor furniture.

We have also worked hard on the introduction of new finishes of teak, a very representative material of our production. In addition to the creation of natural and pickled teak furniture, we have suggested for 2018 a series of elements in chocolate finish, which we thought were perfect to give character and personality even to outdoor spaces at high altitudes. All our collections are designed to be outdoors, but teak products or a mix of materials such as Esedra, in teak and synthetic fibre, do not overheat, which is more of a possibility with iron elements.

Certainly the tendency is to cancel the line that divides the interiors from the exteriors. We work with this goal, creating products in which different materials live in perfect harmony with each other and with the environment, narrating stories of comfort, design and functionality. In commercial spaces, there is a growing tendency to create lounge areas dedicated to relaxation, where people often tend to eat, too. So the large and comfortable seats are combined with the coffee tables creating stagings that recall the concept of “living” even being in public spaces.

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