Bruce Munro launches Quantum Pop Cascade chandelier

Bruce Munro lighting has launched a new design: the Quantum Pop Cascade chandelier.

The piece will be installed in the stairwell of Dryland Business Residences, serviced offices and members clubs, in Kensington High Street, London.

The chandelier is a large-scale ‘waterfall’ of six pendants, each measuring nearly a meter in diameter (90 cm). They are staggered up and down the central stairwell with a drop of 10 meters and suspended from a crescent shaped ceiling plate.

Each 90cm sphere is stuffed with 23 small spheres, illuminated by five fibre optic cables curled within them. The smaller spheres describe the minimum value of the larger spheres – hence the name ‘Quantum Pop’. As such, Munro is tipping his hat to British science and the recent 350th anniversary of the Royal Society.

The venture is masterminded by Jon Hunt, founder of Foxtons Estate Agency.

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One Response to Bruce Munro launches Quantum Pop Cascade chandelier

  1. John Anderton says:

    Looking gorgeous. Just amazingly designed masterpiece. It somewhat seems like a wind chime… nice one….

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