Designing for the Millennial traveller

Marcos Cain, Director and Co-Founder of Stickman Design, writes about six things to keep in mind when designing hotels for Millennials.

All drawing by Marcos Cain 

I love hotels. I love the very idea of hotels. But let’s be honest, one hundred and fifty years ago a shoeshine boy in the lobby would have been de-rigueur, and guests would have doffed their hats at what a neat idea it was.

That all changed, and I have one word for anyone who begs to differ – Airbnb.

A shift in taste, a boom in technology, a reaction to what’s gone before, all this can create a trend, but every now and then it happens on such a vast scale that it requires a tsunami of reinvention and redesign in response; a generational shift that leaves unprepared hoteliers wondering how their profits have vanished quicker than Roadrunner on Redbull.

Now I’m not a journalist or knee-deep in the dark and murky art of marketing, I’m just a designer, but along with my company, Stickman, I’ve been studying hospitality trends, and based on our research we’re lucky enough to be designing some of the first super-hotels tailored specifically to the Millennial traveller.

So what do they expect? And how can the industry cater to them?

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