designMENA Quiz: Meet the sponsors

The first edition of designMENA quiz is just around the corner, taking place on 10 May 2017, at Mint Leaf of London restaurant in Dubai and it’s time to meet our sponsors.

The companies sponsoring the event are Kohler, Interface, Mas Paints, Fagerhult, Draw Link Group, Steelcase and OFIS, with Pallavi Dean Interiors joining us as the Social Media sponsor.

designMENA has gathered all of our sponsors to share their expectations, but also to deliver their messages to all of our readers.

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The global leader in the design and production of carpet tiles, Interface, joins the designMENA Quiz Night as one of the round sponsors.

“The designMENA Quiz gives us the perfect opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support and allows us to have some fun at the same time. Work hard, play hard,” says Matt Hall, regional director at Interface Middle East.

Describing the region as culturally one of the most diverse places, Hall says that finding ways to connect people, places and spaces is a constant challenge for architects and designers working in the region.

He says: “It’s vitally important that as a design community we deliver spaces that enable employees to thrive, be more creative, productive and find a real sense of wellbeing.”


Matt Hall, regional director at Interface Middle East.

Innovation, design and sustainability are at the forefront of the UAE design and architectural community and that is everything that Interface stands for.

The company continues to lead the way with its latest Level Set Collection, which features 36 luxury vinyl tile floors.

“These designs are a sophisticated addition to any space and can be paired alongside our modular carpet tiles for more harmonious and unique style,” says Hall, adding that the new collection offers other benefits such as sound absorption, glue-free installation, zero volatile organic compounds and durability.

“Climate Take Back”, as the new mission has been named, is the successor to “Mission Zero”, the name given to a vision articulated in 1997, which set the goals to eliminate any negative impact Interface has on the environment by 2020. Its new vision is based on four key commitments, including: to bring carbon home and reverse climate change; to create supply chains that benefit all life; to make factories that are like forests; and to transform dispersed materials into products.


The designMENA Quiz sponsor Fagerhult is an international lighting manufacturer, known for supporting academic research and promoting lighting as a versatile medium. John Carruthers, Fagerhult’s Middle East MD, says that the designMENA’s quiz night concept immediately drew his attention.

“It is a fun way to implement that ubiquitous networking by putting the wits of the leading designers and architects against one another,” he says.

Fagerhult recent projects in the region include commercial offices for Amun Capital and Eversheds, Arcadia Preparatory School, Corcel Concept Store at d3, Concepts NYC at City Walk, and the Fred Perry and Jordan flagship stores in Dubai Mall.

Carruthers says that the design industry in the Middle East has become very competitive over the past years.


John Carruthers, Fagerhult’s Middle East MD.

“The competition challenges each and every designer and architect to try harder to find their own voice,” he adds. “The use of technology for creating both innovative styles and recreating cultural objects is a major trend, and one has to be at the forefront of the latest developments.

“We look at lighting as being one of the building blocks of design, as it creates the visual environment for aesthetic experiences. We at Fagerhult are always happy to see designs, which push the boundaries and use light as the raw material for a very personal form of expression.”

As a group of companies, Fagerhult operates a number of brands originated in Sweden (atelje Lyktan), UK (Whitecroft and Designplan), Belgium (WACO), Turkey (Arlight), Germany (LTS and LED Linear), Australia (Eagle Lighting) and Finland (iValo).

Fagerhult’s Sweep and Scoot product has been honoured with a Red Dot Design Award.

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