Video: Watch the Trend Tour with Scarlet Opus at Index 2017

UK-based trend forecasters Scarlet Opus returned to Index Design Series with its Trend Hub. Victoria Redshaw, lead futurist at Scarlet Opus, shared with eight products from around the world that have been designed and manufactured to achieve 100% sustainability.

Those included a salmon-skin drum table made, a pasta bowl made out of one million year-old slate, and a pair of sunglasses devised from shrub-plants.

Earlier this year, as a part of our Trend Report 2017 series, Hilda Impey, associate design director, FF&E at Wilson Associates, wrote about designing smart against pollution and shared her list of inspiring products.

The 27th edition of Index will run until 25 May. designMENA met with Samantha Kane-Macdonald, event director, to find out what visitors can expect from this year’s exhibition.




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