Lebanese designer Carla Baz showcases 15 different types of marble for new furniture collection during Beirut Design Week

During this year’s Beirut Design Week, French-Lebanese designer Carla Baz unveiled a furniture collection featuring lighting and furniture items using marble and resin.

The collection, entitled Stratagems, was debuted at Beirut-based Joy Mardini Gallery, and includes 13 different pieces including lights, tables, and shelving units – all of which were manufactured in Beirut and made from 15 different types of marble.

Stratagems showcases the designer’s material exploration including experiments with marble, highlighting its fragile and delicate attributes by creating lighting pieces that utilise thin waterjet-cut slabs.

“By decontextualizing the material, we have managed to create a collection of pieces that are gracious while having character, bold while being valuable,” concluded Baz.”The pieces are an invitation to revisit what we know about marble and to allow ourselves to be more experimental and open, all the while respecting the integrity of the subject.”

Baz also created a series of six low tables made from various types of marble, carving away 2mm of the surface to create colourful pools of colorfuul resin at its centre.

The centre of the tables are slightly dipped due to the carving and contrast of tones, with the natural marble tone showing through the colourful resin.

“Through our experiments we have sometimes chosen specific natural colours, sometimes decided to use a simple white marble as a canvas for a more audacious approach, tainting it with bolder colors with resin,” said Baz.

“Whether in its pure form or as a result of this series of tests, marble never ceases to offer different possibilities and outcomes, making it a very exciting journey.”



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