Lina Saleh creates The Living Plates that brings plate ware to life through movement

Saudi-Italian product designer Lina Saleh has created a set of fine dining plate ware that come to life as part of her graduation project at the Royal College of Art in London, UK.

The Living Plates sets out to create a bond between the food and the diner, through a set of movement that extends to the overall gastronomical experience of taste.

Pushing the boundaries of how plate wear affects the dining experienced, the plates move in various ways such as sinking, oscillating, rippling, and bouncing, reacting to the different flavours on the plate.

The silicone plates are held together by ceramic counterparts, which grounds the plates and allows them to express movements in a curated manner.

Saleh’s aim was to turn dinner into a responsive conversation between the diner and the food in a new way, elevating the event into a curated experience directed by a chef.

The movements of the plate ware extends to taste and performance, adding a new medium for a chef to express his vision with food.

The designer explained that the project began as a material exploration of silicone, which looked to create a ‘breathing’ plate that would incorporate a sinking motion.

The current plate collection came about through a collaboration with a professional chef whose input helped extend the range of movements.


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