Meet the CID Awards Silver sponsors: Geberit and Stretch Ceilings


Among the Silver sponsors this year is Geberit, a global leader in the field of sanitary products. With 150 years of bathroom experience, Geberit expands its know-how into an exciting collection of ceramics, furniture and mirrors – the Geberit Bathroom Collection.

The Geberit Bathroom Collection offers a wide range of standard and short-projection washbasins and toilets, bidets, mirrored cabinets and furniture with generous storage.

Louise Pitt, marketing and CRM manager at Geberit.

Louise Pitt, marketing and CRM manager, comments: “As the awards will be attended by the leading UAE designers and architects it is an important event to support and participate in. It is an opportunity to have under one roof the creative individuals who drive design in the region and beyond and who with their creativity dare to be original.”

Looking at the region and Dubai in particular, Pitt says that there are a lot of expectations for the next project to be unveiled.

She continues: “The whole world has its eye on Dubai. Architects and designers here are the trend setters. They can be adventurous – the world is looking on and following closely what is coming up in the region. With the visionary leadership, everything is possible in the UAE.”

Aiming to support designers and architects not only as a supplier of high-quality products, Geberit spends a lot on research and development, providing all-round services with its technical know-how.

Pitt wishes all the nominees every success, concluding: “We hope you go from strength to strength inspiring us, shaping the future with designs that improve our daily lives, improve the quality of life and inspire our future generations.”

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