Meet the CID Awards Silver sponsors: Interface and Finasi


The global leader in the design and production of carpet tiles, Interface has always had sustainability at the core of its operations. For the rest of 2017 and beyond, the Silver sponsor of the CID Awards will be focusing on its Climate Take Back mission, which is a commitment to reversing humanity’s biggest challenge – climate change.

“The CID Awards are a very important date on the annual calendar because we are able to acknowledge the remarkable interior design firms and designers that are creating some of the region’s most awe inspiring spaces and places,” says Matt Hall, regional director at Interface Middle East, adding that the UAE design and architecture industry is constantly pushing boundaries and “never settling for mediocracy”.

Matt Hall, regional director at Interface Middle East

He continues: “Our CEO and founder Ray Anderson once said: ‘There has to be a better way.’ I feel this every day, when you see the support and commitment designers have to communicate their ideas in a strategic, creative and inspiring manner, which is measurable and sustainable, this certainly excites me.”

Global Change is the latest global collection from Interface, designed by its lead product designer, Kari Pei. The range uses natural colours and patterns, which mimic the effect of shade through tree canopies on to the ground. It has also recently expanded into the modular resilient flooring sector with its new luxury vinyl tile collection, Level Set, which evokes distressed and reclaimed natural materials such as wood and stone.

One of the most important steps Interface has undertaken so far is the development of the first carbon negative carpet tile – Proof Positive.

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