New Delhi-based designer Paul Matter explores different approaches to light design

New Delhi-based lighting design studio Paul Matter recently introduced a series of lights, designed in collaboration with clothes maker Kallol Datta.  Named Overlay & Underlay, the collection explores different approaches to light design.

Blending the traditional and the experimental, form and function, the collection is composed of a ceiling pendant, floor lamp and limited edition light objects.

Started with the idea of drafting a pattern on paper for a garment with free flowing 3D folds and arresting these fabric folds in metal, Kallol Datta, created a series of light objects that fuse sculptural form with hand worn materials.

All the lights are completely handcrafted in beaten and casted metal bringing industrial uniqueness to each object. The appearance of surfaces and textures on objects and materials are manually achieved with age old techniques such as patina and burning.


Overlay is a ceiling light built using hand-beaten polished steel with burnt and brushed brass and glass tube.


Underlay is a limited edition table lamp with the base made out of polished brass and exposed glass tube.

Last year, Paul Matter made a debut with his Tango light, which was also included in our 100 Objects of Desire book.

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