New products on the market: March 2018

Here is a list of Commercial Interior Design’s selection of the top new products in the market.

Silq by Steelcase

The newly-launched Silq is a revolutionary new task chair by Steelcase. It particularly stands out because it offers only one lever to change the chair’s height. It’s designed to suit contemporary work styles, keeping in mind that you’re less likely to sit at an assigned desk all day. The adjustments happen automatically when you sit in the chair. Once it feels the weight, the seat moves forward just enough to provide optimum back support. Upon lowering the height, the chair changes shape to adjust to the lower center of gravity.

Given the adaptable functions, its silhouette is incredibly simple – featuring just a few curves, a sliding steel truss under the seat, in addition to the single height adjustment lever.

“Task chairs can have 200 parts. This one has 30-ish,” says Steelcase vice president of global design and engineering James Ludwig, who designed the chair using innovative polymer material and a patent-pending process. This material allows Silq to respond to natural movements of the human body without the mechanisms typically required in high-performance seating designed for the workplace. The result is a chair that behaves more like an organism than a machine – a new archetype in office seating.

The team first created a premium version of Silq in carbon fibre. But they knew they needed to innovate further to reach every audience. They continued prototyping and invented a new material and manufacturing process resulting in a high-performance polymer that mimics carbon fibre.

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