Perkins + Will’s LinkedIn office design in Dubai merges fun elements and traditional flavour

Drawing parallels between the company’s values and the continuous transformation of Dubai, Perkins + Will delivers interiors for Linkedin’s regional office.

Adding a subtle Middle Eastern flavour, the design team at Perkins + Will was tasked with creating a new regional office for the US social network.

LinkedIn, that was fun and functional, but also able to represent the company’s philosophy. The 1,500m2 office occupies three floors in the Business Central Towers in Dubai Media City, and features a range of collaborative working spaces, meeting rooms, a coffee shop, and a game room.


Valentina Cereda, senior interior designer at Perkins + Will’s Dubai office, says that LinkedIn didn’t have particularly strict branding guidelines regarding the design of its workspaces, giving the design team freedom to understand the requirements of employees and then translate that into the space.

“We held several workshops with LinkedIn’s local team to truly understand how they work, in order to give them a space that can accommodate their methods,” says Cereda.

“They have different departments, such as sales and marketing, that often collaborate, and they also regularly meet with external agencies and clients, so they needed flexible spaces.”


Cereda explains that the overall concept was based on drawing parallels between LinkedIn’s values – such as innovation, transformation, and opportunity – and Dubai, as a city of continuous change.

“Dubai has the same spirit. It is constantly evolving, giving opportunities to people from all over the world,” she says.

The main themes the design team has developed include heritage, business, landscape, and progress.

“All of these themes are linked with Dubai, and the aim was to integrate them into spaces, to create work with a sense of place,” she says.



The reception area acts as the central hub of the office, so the design team decided to combine all four key aspects of Dubai: heritage, landscape, business. and progress. These elements are interpreted in a subtle way, in the use of the materials, graphics, and fabrics.

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