Pictures: The Nomad chandelier Downtown Dubai

Visitors flocked to the Pavilion in Downtown Dubai to see the unveiling of the Nomad chandelier by Beau McClellan as well as a live urban art wall by Amartey Golding.

The event was held in conjunction with Index and APID’s FoID (Festival of Interior Design).

Index, an interior design tradeshow, ran between October 22-24 at Dubai World Trade Centre.

Karen Hay, founder, Stickman, hosted the event on behalf of APID (Association of Professional Interior Designers) and Farida Al Awadhi, president, APID came along as a guest.

Beau McClellan has a long standing association with the Middle East, having completed several projects in the region including an installation called Reflective Flow, designed for a Al Hitmi office development in Doha, Qatar.

He was exhibiting the Nomad chandelier, as part of the theme ’Illumination’ Day.


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