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Technology is increasingly being used in the bathroom design industry to combat the issue of water conservation. Showers, sinks and general water use account for 40% of a resident’s water cost.

Interior design trade shows such as Index have tapped into this market by hosting specific events for the industry. K&B Essentials was a feature designed specifically for interior designers, architects and project consultants dealing with kitchen and bathroom space.

“The K&B industry is driven by the latest state of the art developments in space planning, design aesthetics, functionality and longevity and there are three core areas that generally need to be considered when designing a kitchen or a bathroom for any small or large scale project: innovation and trends, sustainability and water conservation,” said Muhammed Kazi, project manager, Index Kitchen & Bathroom.

Brands are working to combine innovation while making an effort towards reducing the environmental impact, lowering the consumption of non-renewable resources and improving water management.

Delta Faucet is one of the latest companies to enter the Middle East market. Founded by Masco Corporation in 1954 with the introduction of the single-handle faucet, it manufactures Delta, Brizo and Peerless branded products.

From Touch2O Technology that turns faucets on and off with just a touch, to a Diamond valve that helps the faucet last up to 10 times longer than the industry standard, Delta wants to provide a better way to experience water.

As a firm that delivers water every day to commercial and residential buildings, it prioritises products that address today’s environmental concerns, such as water conservation and water quality.

The Middle East office opened in 2011 and since February, the team and distribution network throughout the GCC and Levant region has grown.

“Despite the fact that we are coming late to the region, we see a lot of opportunities over here, since responsible use of our resources, in particular water, and the requirement for long-term warranty as well as longevity and reliability of materials are becoming the main criteria in the commercial sector,” said Ross Jackson, regional manager, Middle East.

Delta has worked on international commercial and residential projects, like the Las Vegas Centre, Trump Ocean Club in Panama, and the Napa Valley residential complex in Beijing.

It was also named 2011 WaterSense Manufacturer Partner of the Year by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), where it was recognised for its support of the WaterSense programme and ongoing commitment to promoting advancements in water efficiency.

Mark Bickerstaffe, director — new product development kitchen & bath, Europe and Asia Pacific, Kohler, said sustainability is a global issue.

Having had an opportunity to understand how water is viewed in different cultures, Bickerstaffe said certain regions are attuned to the threat to its natural resources, like China, which creates a passion within consumers to respond to the problem.

“We see the same in India; there is an understanding in the high end of the market about conservation. Within the European mature markets there’s been a huge amount of scepticism about sustainability, but that is starting to change. That’s partly driven by the need to save money and to make sensible and long-term choices. People are changing their minds and altering their values,” Bickerstaffe added.

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