Product design: Arabic calligraphy artist Wissam Shawkat designs phone cover

Over the years, mobile phones have increasingly been emerging in the class of art and bespoke design. Most recently, Vertu has unveiled its collaboration  the UAE-based calligraphy artist Wissam Shawkat who has created exclusive designs available as a part of the brand’s bespoke offering.


This collaboration between Vertu and Shawkat reinforces the importance of the Middle East to the luxury handmade mobile phone brand.


Wissam’s style of calligraphy is recognised for its high level of craftsmanship combined with a contemporary interpretation of the art form.


Commenting on the collaboration, Wissam Shawkat said: “Each phone combines hand craftsmanship with leading edge technology, resulting in a sensorial experience in both design and function. Similarly, I aim to elevate the art of Arabic calligraphy; whilst maintaining the heritage of the traditional Arabic art form, I aim to advance the aesthetic to something contemporary and modern.”


Phones with Wissam’s iconic Arabic calligraphy designs honoring the theme of ‘love’ will be available during Ramadan.




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