RAK Ceramics unveils eco wood tiles

RAK Ceramics, one of the world’s largest ceramic tile manufacturers, has announced the launch of its Wood Art Collection, an eco-friendly range of tiles inspired by natural wood.

The range of floor and wall tiles gives the look and feel of real wood while not depleting the natural resources of the environment.

The tiles are using digital printing technology that controls colour variation and image pixels to make wooden graphics on the tile surfaces with a pristine finish.

“In our latest collection, we have managed to aid in sustainability on two fronts – minimising the use of real wood and providing a product that will stand the test of time” said Abdallah Massaad, CEO of RAK Ceramics.

“Low water absorption means our product retains its shape and colour for longer. The entire collection meets the requirement of international quality standards and is resistant to chemicals, frost, fire, moisture, dirt and termites that may badly affect natural woods,” he added.

The product is available in a variety of shades and sizes.

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One Response to RAK Ceramics unveils eco wood tiles

  1. Roderick Wiles says:

    This seems to be another example of a company in the Middle East exploiting the public misconception that using wood is detrimental to the environment. Wood from a sustainably managed resource is, in fact, quite possibly the most environmentally-friendly material on the planet. It is renewable, requires little energy in processing, does not produce major pollutants or non-usable waste in production and is a major store of CO2.

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