Video: Fredrikson Stallard speaks to designMENA about designing giant sun-like installation for Dubai

British design-duo Fredrikson Stallard had erected a giant sun-like installation in the middle of Dubai Design District (d3) during this year’s Dubai Design Week.

Entitled Prologue, the outdoor installation was first created in 2014. Each Prologue is defined by its location through choice of materials and crystal colours.

Created in collaboration with Swarovski, the Dubai edition featured a  luminous circular sculpture with over 8,000 topaz-colored crystals that reflect and refract the light, mimicking the iconography of the sun.

“There is obviously a reference to the sun which can be seen in this piece which is very relevant here in Dubai,” said Ian Stallard.

“The choice of the steel girders which hold the piece in place  are the same kind of steel girders used in all the buildings and the construction in Dubai. So in that sense it also gives a message of the creation of a new incredible city,” he added.

designMENA caught up with the designers during the event: 



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