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Survey results revealed for design copyright in the Middle East

The infringement of design copyright is a global problem, but a particularly sensitive issue in the Middle East. Everyone seems to know someone whose designs have been ripped off by an unscrupulous client, a money-grabbing contractor, or another lazy designer. So Commercial Interior … More

Intellectual property in design: are you protected in the Middle East?

Commercial Interior Design (CID) magazine and designMENA brought together members of the Middle East’s design sector supply chain, along with an intellectual property expert, to discuss the ways in which designers can protect themselves from copyright infringement and industrial design theft. Dubai’s maturing … More

Last chance to take our design copyright protection survey

Welcome to our survey on design copyright protection. It will take just 5-10 minutes to complete and will allow us to gauge the opinions and experience of the region’s design community on the issue of the infringement of intellectual property rights and design … More

Editor’s comment: Copyrights and wrongs

To creatives in any field, taking credit for work that’s not your own is one of the biggest ethical transgressions you can commit. And the plagiarism of designs is an increasingly widespread problem, both internationally and in the region. For example, last year, … More